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The Healing Effects of Body Tapping

The Healing Effects of Body Tapping

We recently demonstrated the healing effects of tapping at our annual workshops in Cardiff and Bristol. For those of you that couldn't make the workshops I have included the write up as one of our blog posts. I love tapping and always do about 5 minutes when I wake in the morning it is a great way to start the day. The students in my classes also love it and we sometimes use it as a alternative to the traditional warm up. I hope to do a short video to go with it the write up soon. Happy Tapping :)

Many forms of tapping are vigorous and are designed to energize and awaken the senses. Others are softer and designed to work on specific acupressure points or for relaxation. Either way the theory is the same; tapping along the meridian lines or specific acupressure points enables you to release the flow of energy (Qi) in your body and rebalance mind, body, and spirit. Tapping allow you to TAP into the body’s energy and healing power.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that energy blockages can cause pain, disease, depression, inability to focus and a general feeling of tiredness and discomfort. Body tapping helps to release these blockages. The great thing about body tapping is that you can’t do it wrong, you just tap anywhere that feels good and it will move the energy in a way that is good for you.

The tapping method we are using is vigorous whole body tapping and is used to:

- Move blocked Qi along the meridians

- Create heat in the body which helps to move Qi to and nourish: the organs, muscles joint and nerves

- Send vibrations deep into the body releasing tension and inflammation

- Improve circulation

- Move lymph through the body’s circulation system

- Help strengthen bone tissue

- Stimulate the growth of bone marrow

- Help you feel energised

This form of tapping can be used as a Qigong practice in itself or as substitute for a traditional warm up. Bone Tapping is one of the simplest healing arts and works on the same basis as Tai Chi and Qigong i.e. it is designed to get the Qi to flow. I usually tap each section for around 30 seconds. It is good to start at the top of the head and work down through the body as follows:

Start by standing in a comfortable position and breath normally


We are going to start by tapping the head and face and for this you use your fingertips.

Tap the top of the head then come down to the side of the head just above the ears

Move to the back of the head then:

The Forehead

Side of eyes

Cheek bones and cheeks

Jaw line

Back and side of neck


Here you can use the tips of your fingers or the flats of your hands. We tap on the chest to release heaviness and congestion from the lungs


Now make either a cup shape or soft fist with your hands.

Tap at the top of your shoulders near the neck

Stretch out your arm palms facing down and tap down the meridian lines in the arms on the outside first palm facing down then turn the palm to face up and tap up and down the inside of the arm.


Use flats of hands or cupped hands for this and tap first on the left side of the belly which is for your stomach, then on the right side which is for your liver.


We then move round to the back and tap just below the rib cage for the kidneys (you may find this more comfortable with the backs of the hands) then move down to tap on the lower lumbar area releasing tension.


Move over the buttocks and continue to tap down the backs of the legs, moving round to the feet and back up the front of the legs. Then move to the hips and tap vigorously before tapping down the sides of the legs and then move to the inside of the legs and tap as you come up.


We finish by first tapping the Lower Dantian area and then doing a circular massage.

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