Tai Chi for Better Health is a Community Interest Company dedicated to training students in the Tai Chi, Qigong Practice of Shibashi.  To date, we have trained over 300 instructors throughout the UK ranging from clients working within Age UK, Ageing Better, Volunteering Matters, and the National Health Service as well as many individuals who go on to run their own classes. 


Shibashi is a set of 18 easy exercises based on Yang Style Tai Chi.  They are easy to learn, easy to do and a joy to teach.  They are designed to improve health and well-being.  The gentle rocking and stretching movements massage the internal organs, improve circulation and digestion.  Chest exercises and controlled breathing are good for lung conditions and asthma.  The overall effect is to reduce mental stress and physical tension.  It is often referred to as meditation in motion and is currently practiced by over 10 million people worldwide.  Some of further health benefits include:

  • Increased energy, agility, and flexibility

  • Improved cardiovascular system

  • Loosens and strengthens joints and muscles

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Calms the mind - active relaxation

  • Reduces stress

  • Improves concentration

  • Improves balance

  • Improves the immune system

  • Easy to learn


Our Online CMA (Complementary Medical Association) accredited course has been designed to take you step by step through the learning process.  Each student is given exclusive access via zoom to one of our qualified instructors. Course materials include video instructions on how to do the exercises as well as video lectures on the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine by Author and Tai Chi Master Andy Baggott.


Correct breathing and posture and teaching people with disabilities forms an integral part of the teaching as well as advice and tips on how to set up and run a class of your own.

On successful completion of the course, you are awarded a certificate with full accreditation.   Some of our students go on to further their studies in Qigong and we are always on hand to provide help and support for your journey. We are a growing community of Shibashi Instructors and invite you to join us and start your journey to improving the health and well-being of yourself and others.


Please contact Tracey or Paul for more details

email:  taichiforbetterhealth@outlook.com