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A Longer Warm Up

Updated: Aug 13

This is a longer warm with a bit of Qigong mixed in. Try it we think you will like it.

Neck and Shoulder Exercises

Open the Back of the Neck – Bring arms up as if in commencing form breathing in, turn palms to face you and bring them into your body tucking the chin in to open up the back of the neck, breathing out. Take hands out and extend chin while breathing in, lower hands and chin whilst breathing out. Repeat 4 times.

Wise Owl Turns its Head to Eliminate 5 Fatigues and 7 Illnesses (taken from Eight Brocades) - Start with hands down by your side turn head to the left whilst rolling the shoulders out. Breath in as you turn outwards and breathe in as you return to centre. Repeat 4 times

Flex and Relax shoulders – Breathing in for a count of 4 slowly take shoulders up towards the ears and slowly release down on an outbreathe for a count of 4. Repeat 4 times

Exercises for the Back and Spine

Two Hands Hold up the Heavens – As you breathe in your two palms rise slowly facing the ceiling and your legs straighten as the palms get to chest height they turn outwards and reach up to the heavens (sky) As you start to breathe out your hands come slowly back down at your side and your knees bend. Repeat 4 times.

Separating Heaven and Earth – As you breathe out one hand raises to the sky to push up whilst the other hand pushes down towards the earth hands come back together as you breathe in and swap hands over. Bending and straightening knees as you gently move up and down.

Exercises to loosen up the Waist

Holding Your Ball of Energy – Holding your Tai Chi ball turn the waist to the left swapping your hands when you get to the side and then turn the waist to the right. Once you have got used to the exercise you work with the breath using one long inhalation for one turn and one slow exhalation for the other turn. Repeat as many times as feels good!

Cloud Hands – Take your right hand up in front of your eyes with your palm facing your face and about 20 cms away. Use the same principle as above for the turning of the waist and the breathing technique. Once this has been accomplished start to swap the weight from side to side. Repeat as many times as feels good!

Exercises for the Hips

Side Stepping – Imagine you have a wall next to you place both hands on the wall (one forearm and one hand) sidestep with the opposite hip, the foot must face front. Repeat 3 times on each side.

Heel-Toe Tapping – Start by shifting weight into your right leg then use the left leg to step forward onto the heel, sideways onto the inside of the foot behind onto toe, and across the front onto the outside of the foot. Repeat 3 times each side

Warming up the Knees

Knee Rub – Using the flats of the hands rub swiftly on the outside of each kneecap on top and underneath. DO NOT RUB OVER THE KNEECAP ITSELF. Only need to do each knee once.

Punching and stepping – stand in horse stance making soft fists held down by your hips. Step out with your left foot punch out gently with your right hand. Watch knee toe alignment with this one. Repeat 3 times on each side.

Calf Stretch

Step out in front with the left foot, raise the toes and bend at the waist until you feel a nice gentle stretch in the back of the calf hold for 10 seconds. Once each side.

Ankle and Wrist Rolls

Circle first each ankle one way then the other way. Circle wrists one way then the other and shake out the body to finish.

The End

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